At Centroid we are fortunate to work in a very exciting and fast moving industry, our motion capture services are used in many environments such as sport and medical applications but primarily we work in Games, TV and Film. In all of these markets we work as a partner to help develop the production pipeline, making the use of motion capture a seamless one.


As well as film, the Video Games market was also one of the early adopters of motion capture technology, using it for in-game moves as well as for their cinematic sequences. For one online Games Company we have created over a 1000 moves; to have hand animated this amount of data would have taken an army of artists.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3

We had a fantastic time working with the awesome crew from CI Games for this outstanding game. Crazy stunts and fights were captured over multiple capture sessions at our Shepperton facility and we were pleased to see how well the game turned out. An incredible continuation of this legendary series of games!

F1 2016


Earlier this year we had the great pleasure of working with the super talented team from legendary studio Codemasters on F1™ 2016. Over a fun couple of days in the studio we captured a range of movements for the pit crew and drivers, helping add even more realism to this stunning game. If you are a fan of racing games, this is an essential purchase.
F1 2016 is now available on PC, PS4 and XBOX ONE


Follow this link for the trailer

 In early 2015 we worked with the fantastic team at IO-Interactive on the latest in the phenomenally successful silent assassin series Hitman! It was a great pleasure to work on this one as we first met Agent 47 way back in 2000 when we captured moves for his very first outing. This version is truly an episodic masterpiece and deserves its place among the previous releases.

Until Dawn


Centroid captured all the body data for this incredible game over a three year period with countless shoots. The shoots were huge fun for all involved and we really got to know the characters. We also had the pleasure of capturing one of the direwolves from Game of Thrones (well a beautiful Northern Inuit called Saxon!). It was great working with Supermassive games on this hugely well received horror game. It's success is no surprise to us, knowing just how much hard work went on behind the scenes.

Watch the trailer here: (For over 18s only!)


Assassin's Creed: Syndicate

Centroid supplied the horse motion capture data for this fantastic entry in the classic Assassin's Creed series, this time set in Victorian England. The location kit and crew spent a week at a menage capturing a variety of quadruped moves including gallops and stunts. The Ubisoft team have made another classic adventure which wonderfully evokes the teeming streets of early industrial London.

Watch the trailer here:






Mad Max


We worked on multiple shoots for this incredible game, capturing stunts as well as cut scenes, one of the highlights was having a full sized 'mocap friendly' replica of the iconic Interceptor vehicle made by our talented prop builder friends. It was amazing watching the stunt team throwing themselves off the car all day!

Kinect Sports Rivals

Kinect Sports Rivals, built for the power of Xbox One, captures your likeness as a champion and drops you into a world of pure competition—with the most accurate and responsive game play ever. Take on your friends, rivals, and the entire world.

Watch the trailer here:

Crysis 3

It was both an honour and a pleasure to work with such a great team from Crytek and on such a legendary AAA title. We were fortunate to work on multiple sessions, from on location Full Performance shoots, epic stunt capture sessions to close up HMC facial capture at ADR studios.

Congratulations to the Crytek team on such an incredible game.

Rugby Nations 13

Once again it was a pleasure working with the lovely team at Distinctive Developments on this fantastic mobile game. As with DD's other handheld games, Rugby Nations 13 does a great job of capturing rugby’s complex mechanics in a highly playable mobile format.

Available on IOS and Android

 Check out the trailer here:

Dr Who: The Eternity Clock

Meeting the good Doctor himself was a particular delight and what a consumate professional Matt Smith is, we didn't get to add a bowtie to his Mocap suit but at least we had a sonic screwdriver lying around to make him feel at home!

Working once again with the incredible SuperMassive crew was, as always, an excellent experience and we found that if we ever need team members for a Doctor Who trivia competition we know who to ask.

Kinect Sports - Season 2

Centroid had the great pleasure to work with industry legends RARE on Season 2 of their phenomenally successful Kinect Sports series. The job was great fun and we escaped with only minor bruises!

Kinect Star Wars

Grab your lightsabre and dancing shoes in this action packed Star Wars adventure! This incredible games gives you a chance to be a Jedi (and you no longer need to make the lightsabre sounds yourself!)


Kinect Disneyland Adventures

Centroid had a wondeful few days with our friends at Frontier Developments capturing the data for the family friendly Kinect Disneyland Adventures. A beautifully crafted game in which the players get to enjoy the fantastic Disneyland experience from their front room.

Icebreaker Hockey

On a cold night in Oxford, we got even colder by capturing Ice Hockey players for our good friends Natural Motion for their excellent mobile game 'ICEBREAKER HOCKEY' available now on iTunes.

House of The Dead - OVERKILL

One of the most fun shoots we have ever had the privilege to work on and a fantastic game to boot! If you like being scared and laughing out loud, this is the game for you. Watch out for that door Neil!

Football Kicks

We had an excellent location shoot at Sheffield United's training ground with the brilliant Distinctive Developments team capturing the next gen of football stars impressing with their outstanding skills. This mobile game has been a hit on handsets everywhere. Available to purchase now on Apple App Store


Zumba Fitness: Core

Another wonderful Zumba job, after all this we had hoped we would all get a bit fitter but it seems we actually have to do the moves!

Zumba Fitness

Now you can get fit and have fun with the world wide phenomenom ZUMBA from the comfort of your front room! We will never forget the many Zumba shoots we had the pleasure to work on for Zoe Mode as we are still out of breath from the workouts they made us do!


Zoe Mode's wonderfully fun game Grease was a project we were very excited to be a part of, blending the classic songs and awesome dance moves of the movie, this game is fun for all the family.

See a clip of gameplay here:

Scourge: Outbreak


Set in the near future, Scourge: Outbreak throws you into the boots of Echo Squad, an elite group of mercenaries hired by The Tarn Initiative to deal a decisive blow against the power-hungry Nogari Corporation. It was a real blast working with Omar and his talented team from Tragnarion on this project.

To view a gameplay clip, follow this link:


TV Superstars

Ever wanted to become a reality TV Superstar? Well now you can from your own front room with Sony's excellent TV Superstars. Centroid supplied the Mocap data for the player and game characters, in a load of fun and wacky situations for all the family. 

Rugby Nation 2011

Once again we had the pleasure of working with Distinctive Developments on one of their excellent mobile sports games. For this one we had a lot of fun smashing our crew into rampaging rugby players and memories of the scaffold 'Scrum' prop we built have gone down in legend!

This game was No 1 on the Appstore chart and is a must have for all fans of rugby.

Follow this link for the trailer:

Guitar Hero 5

Centroid was tasked to carry out regular facial capture sessions for Zoe Mode on Guitar Hero 5, building up their library of DLC with a host of classic tunes. Rock On!

Guitar Hero: World Tour
Ice Hockey Nations 2010

Another cold night on the ice as Centroid went to help our friends at Distinctive Developments with their excellent mobile Ice Hockey game. Now available on iTunes.

DJ Hero

We were delighted when Warp Films asked us to supply the mocap for the DJ Hero intro sequence, especially when we found out it was at the request of post production gurus Framestore! Working with renowned Director Marco Puig was a fantastic experience and the end result speaks for itself...

View showreel
The First Templar

Centroid are proud to announce our involvement as the leading provider of Motion Capture of sword wielding knights for Haemimont Games 'The First Templar', a new co-operative, action adventure game for the Xbox 360 and PC.

Watchmen: The End is Nigh

As huge fans of quality comic books, you can imagine our excitement when we landed the job of capturing the legendary characters of The Watchmen for those lovely chaps at Deadline Games. Bringing the likes of Rorshach and Nite Owl (and not forgetting the random street thugs) to life was great fun and getting to see the early development of these heroes pre Keene Act was a dream came true!

Rock Band View showreel
Silent Hill - Origins

"We enjoyed recording the mocap and working with Mike and his team on Silent Hill Origins.
They produced a large volume of good quality in game cut scenes in a tight time frame.
They were flexible to our needs and kept us informed of their progress."

Dee Doherty, Outsource Manager, Climax Studios

View showreel
Kane & Lynch: Dead Men

IO Interactive and Havok's excellent and not forgetting BAFTA nominated game Kane & Lynch Dean Men was an amazing project to work on.



We worked on this fun and frightening game back in 2005 / 2006 and have many fond memories of the intense shoots.

Watch the trailer here:


Prince Caspian

“We here at Realtime Worlds recently had the opportunity to direct a critical Motion Capture session at Centroid 3D for our upcoming AAA title, APB (All Points Bulletin).  Centroid’s facility is state of the art, their team are experts in the field of MoCap and their chosen acting talent were exceptional. Our overall experience with Centroid 3D has been extremely positive all round and we very much look forward to working with them again soon.”

Jeff Cairns

Art Director, Realtime Worlds


Centroid supplied data for the in game characters in this legendary 2004 classic.

See a clip here:


Forget wheels and forget waves in this fast paced adventure as now you can ride the air itself! Capturing the body movement for this Sony game back in 2001 was as thrilling as the game.


Working on this 2004 spy thriller based upon the popular TV show for Aklaim was a great experience for Centroid. High kicking action, espionage and relentless stealth action are the order of the day if you choose to accept your mission!

F1 06

Start your engines! Once again Centroid supplied the human character elements to this official Formula One release back in 2006.

24: The Game

Become Jack Bauer and battle against the ticking clock to save LA in this 2006 adaptation of the hugely popular TV show.


Mastertronic's 2006 release of MadeMan put you in the shoes of Joey Verola and took you on his journey from Vietnam vet to Mafia Hitman.

Toca: Race Driver 2

Capturing the characters for this Codemasters' PS2 classic was Centroid's remit, the game was described at the time as The Ultimate Racing Simulator.

Ghost Hunter

Become Lazarus Jones in this outstanding Sony release which is an exciting mix of horror, action, comedy and drama. You are tasked to track down and capture all manner of ghosts and spirits that you accidentally released from the lab (on your first day on the job too!)

As the game progresses you will come up against increasingly bad ghouls in some incredible set pieces which capture the spirit (no pun intended) of classic features such as Ghostbusters and Buffy.




The Getaway

Drive through the streets of London in Sony's excellent crime thriller The Getaway.

Driver: San Francisco

Another thrilling experience from Ubisoft, this time recreate those classic Steve McQueen scenes from Bullett as you drive round San Francisco in this classic game.


A modeern fantasy adventure of breathtaking scope and detail is how this classic PS2 game was descibed on release back in 2002.

This Is Football - 2002

It was a great experience working with Sony on this officially endorsed football game back in 2001.

Beach Volleyball - Summer Heat

The capture sessions for Beach Volleyball: Summer Heat back in 2002 were a lot of fun. Acclaim tasked us with a multi person shoot to achieve the realistic moves in order to make it as close to the real thing as possible. Least you don't have to fill your living room with sand to feel like you're on the beach!

Hitman: Codename 47

Back in the 20th century we started work on the first of the mega selling Hitman series with this excellent game

Watch the trailer here:

Hitman: Silent Assassin

More adventures with everyone' favorite cue ball killer!

Hitman: Contracts
Hitman: Blood Money
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  • Zumba Fitness
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  • Ghost Hunter
  • The Getaway
  • Driver: San Francisco
  • Primal
  • This Is Football - 2002
  • Beach Volleyball - Summer Heat
  • Hitman: Codename 47
  • Hitman: Silent Assassin
  • Hitman: Contracts
  • Hitman: Blood Money

One of the primary movies to use motion capture was Lost in Space and Centroid were fortunate enough to cut our teeth on this CG heavy production. More recently we have the pleasure of working on productions such as Spectre, Ant-Man, Pan, Terminator: Genisys, Guardians of The Galaxy, Godzilla and many more.


Once again we had the pleasure of working with the world's favorite spy. This time around we got involved in the epic crowd scenes in Mexico as well as the tense helicopter fight. Sadly none of Mr Bond's exciting gadgets were left on set for us to play with. 

 To see the trailer, please follow this link:


This shoot certainly was a good workout for the performers! We captured a whole host of stunts and crowd sceens for this new imagining of the classic J.M. Barrie children's tale, this time showing how Peter became the hero that we know and love.


To see the trailer follow this link:

Terminator: Genisys


We had the pleasure to work on the intricate final fight sequences for this continuation of the classic sci fi franchise, it was fantastic to work with those clever people at Double Negative and the incredible performers who supplied truly intense hand to hand combat scenes.

Ant Man


Working once again with Double Negative capturing stunts and fight scenes between the eponymous hero and his nemesis Yellow Jacket for key sequences was great fun; thankfully we were able to use regular sized performers rather than having to shrink our system and crew down to insect level.

Jupiter Ascending

 It was a huge amount of fun working on this sci-fi epic for Warner Brothers and Double Negative. We took our mobile unit to the set at Leavesden to capture the stunt work for key scenes, including the exhilarating chase scene where we captured the leads stunt doubles on rollerskates. 

Guardians of The Galaxy

Marvel Studios have created an action packed and highly entertaining Sci Fi romp through the galaxy with these unlikely heroes. James Gunn and his talented cast and crew pulled out all the stops and this is one of the most fun summer blockbusters for years, highly recommended! Centroid is very proud to have played a part in this visually spectacular movie!

Great soundtrack too!

See Trailer here:



For this action packed, Dwayne Johnson starring take on Hercules, Centroid was bought in by DNEG to capture many of the incredible stunts seen in the movie over multiple sessions. With huge set ups, staircases for the brave stunt team to throw themselves down, loads of beautiful weapon props and our crew building chariots on the fly, these shoots were hard work but great fun! 

Hercules is now in cinemas


Released on Friday 23rd May 2014 to great acclaim and outstanding box office performance, Centroid are immensely proud of our role in this ground-breaking Indian VFX spectacular and humbled by the positive reactions from all Superstar Rajni fans worldwide.

It was truly an honour to have worked with Rajinikanth Sir; his extremely talented and fearless daughter Soundarya and of course the rest of the incredible cast and crew. This feature has realigned the boundaries of what is possible in Indian cinema and we are very pleased that the Indian public have embraced animation as another way to tell a classic legend.


Ever since we got the call to work on this update of the classic Japanese tale of the Gorilla Whale (!), we have been looking forward to seeing the spectacular actions we captured last year... all this and Bryan (Walter White) Cranston too!

300: Rise of an Empire

This spectacular prequel to 300 carries on the incredible stylised action showing the events leading up to the original movies epic battle. Back in 2012 we headed over to Sofia, Bulgaria to capture the stunts and fight scenes with an unbelievable stunt crew who had some serious moves! We had our own element of (controlled) danger with the VFX Producers requirements for some extremely high camera placements, luckily we sent our bravest crew.

World War Z

The chance to capture characters such as those in the world of John Carter does not come along very often, so when our friends at Double Negative and Cinesite presented us with an opportunity to do so... our shouts of excitement were probably heard on Barsoom!

Entering into the fantastical world of Tharks and Thoats over many Motion Capture sessions was extremely rewarding work. We were tasked with introducing the principle actors to stylized Mocap on stilts and through our live previs pipeline they transformed into Tharks right before our eyes.

We are immensely proud to have been involved in such a visually stunning VFX extravaganza.

Total Recall

Once again our good friends at DNEG came down to capture multiple performers for explosion reactions and as CG stand-ins for the main characters.

John Carter

The chance to capture characters such as those in the world of John Carter does not come along very often, so when our friends at Double Negative and Cinesite presented us with an oppurtunity to do so... our shouts of excitement were probably heard on Barsoom!

Entering into the fantastical world of Tharks and Thoats over many Motion Capture sessions was extremely rewarding work. We were tasked with introducing the principle actors to stylized Mocap on stilts and through our live previs pipeline they transformed into Tharks right before our eyes.

We are immensely proud to have been involved in such a visually stunning VFX extravagansa.


To be involved with Ridley Scott's hugely anticipated Sci Fi epic Prometheus was an absolute honour! We worked closely with the incrediblly talented VFX guys at MPC and Fuel VFX to deliver the data for the engineers hologram scene.

Snow White and The Huntsman

Centroid captured the movements for the Troll, the Fairies and the Shadow Army for this excellent reimagining of the classic Snow White tale.


We shipped off some of our best guys to spend 9 months at Shepperton Studios working on the pre-visualisation for numerous effects shots and the epic fly through sequence with those lovely people at nVizage, working directly under VFX Supervisor Rob Legato.

Centroid was also tasked with capturing the body data for an elaborate scene, all under the watchful eyes of Martin Scorsese. The scene featured Hugo, The Station Inspector and his faithful hound and involved building a huge staircase set up and putting the extremely well behaved Doberman into a canine Mocap suit! It was a fantastic experience working on this wonderful and inventive 3D family  movie.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

For a couple of days our facility was filled with the blood curdling screams of angry pirates as we captured various stunts for the fourth episode in this hugely successful series.

The Wolfman

It was an incredible experience working with the talented VFX crew on Universal's update of The Wolfman. We installed a wire rig to capture the creatures transformation from BiPed to Quadraped as well as capturing the wonderfully horrifing conclusion of the movie.

Ironman 2

It was a great honour to capture Ironman himself as he suits up and fights Whiplash for the first time at the Circuit de Monaco. Thus setting the scene for another incredible adventure for Marvel's hero.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Centroid spent a couple of days capturing mulitple versions of moves to populate the huge crowd scenes in this movie. Another example of the cost savings that can be achieved with Motion Capture.

Robin Hood

Once again pushing the envelope of Motion Capture, Centroid had a couple of great days capturing some very well behaved horses for the horseback fight scenes in Ridley Scotts epic retelling of the classic Robin Hood story.


Centroid had the pleasure of capturing a mulitude of stunt moves and crowd scenes for this Middle Ages set epic

40 Years

Russell Appleford's award winning short film '40 Years' . Russell needed to bring to life a terrifying rock monster, so he got in touch with Centroid who, along with the acting talents of Matt Wynn were able to capture the perfect performance using added weights and body shaping pieces. Once seen, it is impossible to forget this haunting creature.


How to achieve the masses of terrified people unlucky enough to not be able to escape the multitude of falling buildings? Easy, spend a couple of days with Centroid capturing various runs and falls and then let the good people of DNEG work their magic.

Quantum of Solace

When Q came calling we packed up our box of gadgets (better known as our mobile motion capture system) and made the quantum leap over to Pinewood’s Stage B for a few days.
Our mission was to capture the stunt teams’ intricate rehearsals for the opening fight scene of the movie. The data created a 3D digital moving storyboard to be used as reference for camera positioning and performance layout.

Harry Potter

How do you achieve a realistic shot of a 16 foot tall digital troll like creature ringing a child’s bicycle bell whilst interacting with regular sized cast members? Easy, come and see the Centroid team! Well, actually this feat was anything but easy but our years of Motion Capture experience have taught us all the necessary tricks. Coupled with a great performance from Tony Maudsley and the usual beautiful shiny post work from our friends at DNeg this was another stand out scene in the HP series.


Getting to work with Robert De Niro and Michelle Pfeiffer on this wonderful 2007 fantasy action film was an absolute pleasure.

The Magic Flute
Lost In Space

Back in 1996 this project became the first of many feature films that Centroid worked on, capturing Gary Oldman to help his character Dr Smith turn into the sinister 'Spider Smith'. Centroid are very proud to have been the company to make Mocap history by this being classed as the first live action film to feature facial capture as noted by The Motion Capture Society's history of Mocap!

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  • Godzilla
  • 300: Rise of an Empire
  • World War Z
  • Total Recall
  • John Carter
  • Prometheus
  • Snow White and The Huntsman
  • Hugo
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
  • The Wolfman
  • Ironman 2
  • Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
  • Robin Hood
  • Ironclad
  • 40 Years
  • 2012
  • Quantum of Solace
  • Harry Potter
  • Stardust
  • FlyBoys
  • The Magic Flute
  • Lost In Space

TV Commercial market has embraced motion capture but more and more whole TV series that are CG centric are being commissioned, utilising our studio for performer driven storylines. Working with the TV market utilises many of production tools, such as cyber goggle, autocue and pre-vis.

Appsolute Genius with Dick and Dom


Childrens TV Legends Dick and Dom visited our Shepperton facility back in the summer to get a Motion Capture masterclass from our crew and to take part in a pre vis race on our assault course, to see who won and to find out more about creating video games, follow this link to the show:



Nina & The Neurons: Go Digital

Back in the summer we welcomed Nina from Cbeebie's pre school educational show 'Nina & The Neurons: Go Digital' who visited us to learn all about Motion Capture. Stoo did a great job explaining and the 2 young chaps loved being turned into virtual teddy bears.

For more information on the show please follow this link:

Cadburys - Womb

Glassworks crafted this beautiful Cadburys commercial for Velocity Films and asked Centroid to capture the fantastic acapella superstars The Soil who played these charming babies singing in the womb. The Full Performance shoot with the 3 members of the group at our Shepperton Studios facility was a real pleasure and we couldn't stop humming the tune for days! Credit also to Faceware and Counterpunch for their great work on the facial data.

Nike: The Last Game

As you will no doubt have noticed the World Cup is upon us once more and with it comes the always outstanding Nike commercials. Centroid are proud to have supplied Mocap data for this wonderful commercial for the talented folks at Passion Pictures.

Follow this link to see the full ad:


Nike - Winner Stays

We worked with the excellent crew at The Mill for their stadium crowd VFX on this fantastic Rattling Stick advert for Nike shown extensively during Brazils World Cup 2014.

To view the full clip please follow this link

Let's Play

How to make the Centroid children jealous, get Sid and Rebecca from Cbeebies 'Lets Play' down for a greenscreen/Mocap shoot for the show's online dressing up game.

Have fun:

Go Compare

Another of those wonderful Go Compare adverts and we happily captured the dancing skeletons, must admit we were a bit disappointed not to meet Gio Compario himself!

Abu Dhabi Central Bank

Centroid captured mulitple takes of various moves to help Outsider and Oil Factory achieve the epic crowd sequences for this commercial.


We were met with nothing but professionalism and a great attitude when we worked with Centroid.
They made our motion capture experience painless and certainly a lot of fun!

Janita Appa, Stink

View showreel
I Am Digital MH

PlayStation3 approached Bert&Bertie to head up one of four creative teams making one minute shorts for Distribution on the PS3 Network. Inspired by I Am Digital (a short film by Richard Jobson), the creatives worked with a single narrative that threaded through all four films and explored concepts of digitalness and self. The four teams encompassed the mediums of Photography (Rankin), Commercials (Quiet Storm), Youth (A group of under18yr olds from Tower Hamlets) and Games / Film (Bert&Bertie).

View showreel
Guinness - Area 22

We captured multiple rugby moves, including some (terrifying) scrums for this excellent advert for Guinness.

Scholl Orthaheel
Boomerman Chewing Gum

Another fun day in the studio capturing superhero moves for this Indian chewing gum commercial.

Follow the link for the full clip:

Coco Pops - Broncho

This was a great job where we captured a puppet boy 'riding' the bucking school desk. We love being asked to do the unusual ones!

Coco Pops - Coco Rain

The renowned Blink Ink contacted us to help them create another one of their trademark fun packed commercials, this time for Coco Pops. The brief was to capture a digital dancing milkman who would be twirling and cavorting inside a cereal bowl under raining drops of chocolate milk. Just another day in the office for the Centroid team.

View showreel

With great pleasure we were given the chance to work with our friends at Red Vision on the fabulously funny first series of Headcases. The opportunity to work on such a fast paced show in terms of script and turnaround was a challenge which we were happy to meet. From the motion capture on Monday to broadcast on Sunday, the teams involved had only a short time frame to deliver and we were able to prove to the clients (and ourselves!) that we had the ability to work under such tight deadlines.

View showreel
What's Your News? - Series 1 & 2

Centroid worked with TT Animation to develop the animation pipeline for this award winning and pioneering project, utilising ex Hensons actors to help make for a much more of a character driven performance. Exploring new boundaries using cyber glasses to allow the performance animators to not only see themselves in the CG environment, Centroid could also feed a composite onto the pre-recorded live action allowing the performer to have complete awareness of their surrounding as well as interact with a live back plate. Something that had never been done for Children’s TV.  We were happy to welcome back the team for the second series in summer 2011.

View showreel

I had a very happy experience with Centroid and their can-do approach. They were very proactive in working with us to arrive at a mocap solution that worked for XSI. My previous retargetting horrors were forgotten as they took care of that side of things and the data was very clean and was processed very quickly, Great stuff.

Alastair Hearsum
Head of 3D

To see the clip, click here:

View showreel

Working under the creative umbrella of top production company Partizan and cutting edge Director Michael Gracey were industry legends The Moving Picture Company and Centroid. With this pick and mix of talent combined with the movement of Starlight Express skaters this commercial was bound to impact around the globe...and with the clip debuting on YouTube at the top of their charts with 24 million hits within the first month, it certainly did!

View showreel
Nike - The Other Game

This ad for Nike from 2004 went down as an instant classic, great to see all the old Brazilian and Portugese legends once again. We worked closely with the uber talented Jordi Bares from The Mill on this one. 


The Great Sperm Race

We had the pleasure of capturing a single running man who would go on to populate a seemingly infinite amount of white suited bodies for friends at Red Vision for a one off TV documentry called The Great Sperm Race.

Murphys - Skeletons

The Mill needed to capture a large amount of human movement with a few unusual twists for this excellent advert for Murphys Irish Stout. Directed by Kevin Thomas

To view the clip please follow this link:

Adidas - F50 Tunit

This classic Adidas advert was ground breaking back in 2006 and Centroid were proud to have supplied the motion capture services for 180 Amsterdam.

Follow this link to view the clip:

Sodastream - Bubble Guy

 In 2004 we shipped our system and crew over to Berlin to capture a dancer for this Sodastream commercial for the German market. 

Watch the full clip here:

Schwartz - Real Paste

Way back in 2004, we worked on this fun little commercial for Schwartz Real Paste. This was one of our earliest Full Performance shoots, with full body, fingers, face and audio all being captured simultaneously. And with the comedic talents of Steve Firth supplying the performance a good day was had by all!

See the clip here:

New Captain Scarlet

Centroid worked closely with the legendary Gerry Anderson on this CG update of his classic tale of the fight against the evil Mysterons!

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  • Let's Play
  • Go Compare
  • Abu Dhabi Central Bank
  • Orangina
  • I Am Digital MH
  • Guinness - Area 22
  • Scholl Orthaheel
  • Boomerman Chewing Gum
  • Coco Pops - Broncho
  • Coco Pops - Coco Rain
  • Headcases
  • What's Your News? - Series 1 & 2
  • Bajaj
  • Evian
  • Nike - The Other Game
  • The Great Sperm Race
  • Murphys - Skeletons
  • Adidas - F50 Tunit
  • Sodastream - Bubble Guy
  • Schwartz - Real Paste
  • New Captain Scarlet